/ 23 June 2012

The BNEFC T-Shirt is Back.

I’ve received a few inquiries about the Boston & New England FC t-shirt I made to commemorate the Rev Reboot Project, a re-imagination of th
/ 23 June 2012

Beyond the Frontiers of American Soccer

There was a moment around the 40th minute where I wouldn’t have been anywhere other than Chester, Pennsylvania The sun was setting comfortably past
/ 4 May 2012

Adam Yauch, much beloved 
/ 1 March 2012

A Couple Things I Wish Apple Did Better

I love Apple products and the Apple mindset in general I devour Apple-centric content and I live in the Apple ecosystem I can sum up my love for Apple
/ 23 February 2012

The Revs in the Age of Mutual Love

Seattle residents wake up to find Sounders scarves adorning statues and overpasses and telephone poles across their city Portland’s Merritt Paulson,
/ 15 February 2012

SCHDY Town T-Shirt. Now Available.

I’m hoping to make a series of “Town” t-shirt designs celebrating the places that I love  Schenectady, New York, my hometown, is up
/ 1 February 2012

Fat Sunday: Fixes for the Pro Bowl

Pile on the Pro Bowl  No, I couldn’t possibly  John Madden is sick of it; Aaron Rodgers is embarrassed he played in it  Fans booed it and nob
/ 26 January 2012

Being a Commodity

Last year Don Norman, a design-critique hero of mine, changed the lens through which I viewed Google  Speaking at dConstruct in Brighton, he laid it
/ 15 January 2012

Everything is Fine

If you go see David Lowery touring with his two well-known bands, Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, as I did with a few hundred others Saturday night
/ 12 January 2012

Thoughts on an Apple “Dividend”

Apple is gearing up for an announcement at the Guggenheim Museum in New York next Thursday  (I was not invited even though that’s my birthday,
/ 11 January 2012

Filene’s Basement 1908-2011 RIP
/ 10 January 2012

Who’ll be American Soccer’s John Madden?

Word comes that Kasey Keller’s retirement has led him to a new endeavor - he’s becoming the color man on the Sounders broadcast team  Th
/ 4 January 2012

Fixing Major League Soccer’s Font Problem

When even the Revolution are teasing swatches and releasing well-received jersey designs, it’s obvious that MLS kits are seeing good days  Sale
/ 23 December 2011

Spotify Makes Christmas Music Better

That holiday ambience around the house - good lighting, some pine-y smelling candles, maybe a hat on the dog - it’s invaluable The centerpiece,
/ 19 December 2011

What Face? turns one (month) old

What Face, my free iPhone app for babies, is one month old today!  We’ve got users on every continent (except Antarctica)  I’ll write mo
/ 30 September 2011

The End of Pax Bostonia?

When Terry Francona arrived in Boston, a few months after the 2003 ALCS, the city had settled from outright despondence down into a nervous rolling
/ 16 May 2011

Nanolaw with Daughter

Nanolaw with Daughter I asked my daughter: “How much do they want” She looked down at the screen She is quiet and serious when working “Two euro
/ 13 April 2011

Summing up the Rev Reboot Project

Well, that was fun  I stated my case, presented a re-christened club, a new crest and logo pair (part I), a few new uniform looks (part II), an assor
/ 11 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part III: Positioning

This is the third and final in a series of Rev Reboot posts; we’ve already covered identity and uniforms on our way here (I also intro the project h
/ 8 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part II: Uniforms

Alright We have an intro and some visual identity established for the Rev Reboot project - now it’s time to get to something meaty: uniformsBut firs
/ 7 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part I: Identity

When last we spoke, I was making my case to be the guy to reboot the New England Revolution brand It was tongue in cheek, kind of, except I really be
/ 5 April 2011

Why I should get to reboot the New England Revlolution

How far back do I go with this one Do I go back to being an upstate New York kid, in love with everything Boston To being eight, and the sensory overl
/ 28 March 2011

Cumberland’s Crumling by The Hounds Below

The best track from the best set I saw at SXSW (no, I wasn’t there for music per se, but I squeezed a few shows in) “Cumberland’s
/ 17 March 2011

When the water is clear you see the bottom; when the water is dirty you see yourself bathroom sharpie at the Hole in the Wall, Austin TX
/ 23 February 2011

Inbound – a short film about the Red Line

I take the Red Line every day  Today, I’m giving back  Here’s a short film I made about going home from work, Harvard Square to South St