/ 13 April 2011

Summing up the Rev Reboot Project

Well, that was fun.  I stated my case, presented a re-christened club, a new crest and logo pair (part I), a few new uniform looks (part II), an assortment of branding treatments, and the media strategy, attitude and positioning needed to tie all the new parts together (part III). 

I wish I could do more.  There is more to this story – an entire series of posts about where and how the Revs could get into a new stadium, for one.  And another series about how they are run – from the ownership and the front office down to the coaching and playing style.  These are not topics I feel wise enough to write about.

Author’s note: the entire Rev Reboot series is now up and online.  When you’re done here, feel free to read on.
Intro: Why I should get to Reboot the Revs
Part I: Identity
Part II: Uniforms
Part III: Positioning
Final Word: Summing it all up
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(Well, I could dabble into the stadium issue, but really – with key players like the Krafts, Menino and 600,000 NIMBYs to be named later, even informed speculation really isn’t worth too much.)

But identity and design and positioning – these are close to my heart.  As I thought I would, I had fun presenting ideas and bringing an entire brand ecosystem to life.  It could, I suppose, keep growing.  It’s been a blast coming up with new ways to make an identity shine. 

And it’s been fantastically gratifying to get feedback from die-hard Revolution fans and the soccer community at large. You guys have smartly tested this entire concept and already helped me make it better.  Thank you for reading and for responding.   You (we?) are a passionate and incredibly intelligent bunch.

You know what?  That might be the problem.  American soccer fans are, categorically, too smart for their own good.  Traditionally, you’ve had to be pretty with it to get into soccer here – it took a lot of work and dedication and following your instincts and dodging elbows.  It’s built regular fans into hyper-aware guardians of their sport – because they had to fight to hold and gain ground in the American sporting landscape.  I’m part of that along with all of you.  Who we are, now, has raised our expectations to mighty heights – this whole project is a result of that. 

That doesn’t mean the teams can’t rise to that level, too.  Some doSome are trying hard.  The Revolution aren’t.  But it shouldn’t be a choice or a bonus when a team is smart – not anymore.  Owning a soccer team in America right now is, implicitly, a contract to be as smart and as passionate as your fans.  For whatever reason, the Revolution are simply not holding themselves to this standard. 

This is my way of making that point – and though I do tend to go on a bit, hopefully the 1000-to-1 pictures-to-words worthiness ratio is still in effect.  I really want to get on the Revolution bandwagon, and be there when they realize their potential. 

Good luck, Revs!  I’ll be watching, and I’ll be around if you need me. 

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