/ 8 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part II: Uniforms

Alright. We have an intro and some visual identity established for the Rev Reboot project – now it’s time to get to something meaty: uniforms.

But first, some follow-up from yesterday’s identity post.  Got some great feedback – “great” meaning spirited, which is what I was hoping for.  And as expected, it came in positive and negative flavors.  I enjoyed all of it.  My favorite type of responses take the form of “it’s alright, maybe not my thing – but here’s what I’d change!” – because that’s essentially what this whole project is saying to the Revolution.  You know, the Godard theory – critique a movie by making another movie.  In this case, it’s critique an organization’s identity by re-making an organization’s identity. It’s so much more fun and interesting to make something than to write a long diatribe about what’s wrong with it – that’s my view, anyway.

Hey folks. I’m in the process of cleaning up, re-mastering and re-launching some of my most-read articles… including this one.

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