/ 11 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part III: Positioning

This is the third and final in a series of Rev Reboot posts; we’ve already covered identity and uniforms on our way here. (I also intro the project here and will likely close it out with some kind of a “what just happened?” post after this one. Update: that’s now here.) We’re almost there now – to a newer, stronger, more passionate Revolution soccer presence. With concepts and colors in place, the Revs have been readied to accept a new position in the regional landscape. It’s time to define it. In this post, we’ll explore where the Revs could fit in the public mindspace, and how they can take active charge of their own brand. We’ll define their attitude and sense of self. We will reposition them.

Hey folks. I’m in the process of cleaning up, re-mastering and re-launching some of my most-read articles… including this one.

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