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/ 4 October 2019

Binary Star Posters

I make posters as a design exercise A way to keep myself thinking in a few different directions at once Any excuse to make a poster will do A socce
/ 22 April 2019

Designing an Earth Flag

I have a neighbor who puts out flags for almost any occasion you can think of Holidays Sporting events National celebrations (You should have seen h
/ 8 May 2018

Designing for the 2018 World Cup: The Rules

My favorite thing about the World Cup It encourages bold, pattern-breaking behavior Skip work and hit the pub at 2 in the afternoon High five,
/ 15 March 2017

If Clean Sheet Co. designed caps for the World Baseball Classic

I like to find the places where established systems and traditions smash into one another For instance: what happens if you mix the visual cultures of
/ 1 December 2016

Clean Sheet Co. Takes the Next Step

My favorite Clean Sheet Co moments have involved hanging out in parking lots There’s usually a table with our shirts and scarves scattered across th
/ 19 February 2016

The Third Star

At Clean Sheet Co, we’ve been wanting to celebrate the US Women’s National Team for a while now There are many national teams under the American s
/ 1 December 2015

Out in the Cold

An ongoing debate, one of many stirred up by the unique endeavor that is American soccer, is how we’re supposed to play the world’s game through o
/ 7 October 2015

The People’s Crest is Yours

I’ve been in stadiums blanketed with English flags, each with a different slogan I’ve felt thousands of Jamaicans and Trinidadians and Ghanians mo
/ 5 October 2015

Apple Can Help Fix Distracted Driving

I’m a stubborn guy But over the past few years, two occurrences have completely changed my routine set of behaviors I got a smartphone
/ 5 June 2015

Come and Take It

A quick story about a cannon, a Cup, and a rivalry In 1835, Texas wasn’t yet America It wasn’t even really Texas — yet  It was Mexico, and had
/ 27 February 2015

The States, Vol. 2: Michigan, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Kansas, Idaho

Clean Sheet Co’s The States project is off and running, and the response has been fantastic Thanks for ordering shirts, giving feedback, and ask
/ 17 December 2014

A Few Songs to Beat Christmas Music Fatigue

Sunrise, the morning after Halloween Jack o’ Lanterns on front porches across the country awake to a distinct sound rolling over the hills: …I jus
/ 20 November 2014

The States, Vol. 1: California, Vermont, Louisiana, South Dakota, Maryland

Two years ago, I took a crack at giving major league baseball teams their own soccer jerseys I had a blast – so much so that last year, I started Cl
/ 12 September 2014

Friday Music

“Touch” by Shura Out for a few months now, I only just discovered ‘Touch’ No problem; it perfectly captures the feeling of summer sli
/ 22 August 2014

Starry Night: An LA Galaxy Poster

The LA Galaxy have a pretty cool tradition: they ask artists and designers to create posters for every home match I’ve been following this year’s
/ 5 August 2014

A Moment on the Radio

Earlier this summer, I traveled to Brazil to see the US play in the World Cup It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip; I’m going to write up a little t
/ 27 May 2014

Three Limited US Soccer World Cup Prints

The World Cup is a great excuse to design My apparel shop, Clean Sheet Co, has you covered for shirts; now I’ve worked up something for your wall to
/ 21 April 2014

A Red Sox Patriots’ Day Concept

The Red Sox use a special “Boston” jersey on Patriots’ Day  As a Bostonian, I love the sentiment; why not go one step farther For
/ 9 September 2013

USA vs. Mexico, 2013: A Limited Edition Poster

September 10th, 2013 Columbus, Ohio The game only comes around once every four years, if that The rivalry is centuries old, but also, in a strange wa
/ 11 June 2013

A Couple Quick Thoughts on iOS 7 Design Language

I’m an Apple guy; I use their products to do the work that I love the most, and I evangelize about them to others I am firmly, probably irretrievabl
/ 3 June 2013

Over at Clean Sheet, our second shirt has just arrived Remember USA ‘94 And those “did-that-really-happen” denim jerseys It’s
/ 22 April 2013

It Has to Be Brighton

You can only really love one club Sure, you can appreciate many, have affection for a handful, understand several deeply, and even root heartily and h
/ 25 March 2013

Clean Sheet & The Gadsden

This is what we live for Watching our guys walk out of the tunnel and onto the field at Estadio Azteca - the toughest 105-by–68-meter patch of socce
/ 12 March 2013

Through a Glass, Inevitably

I’ve been reading much handwringing about what a product like Google Glass means for polite society Because the item in question is a powerful compu
/ 5 March 2013

Introducing: The Ghosts & Grandfathers League

The Socccer Out of Context project has, so far, seen all 30 Major League Baseball clubs get soccer-style jerseys So what comes next Allow me to quote