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/ 29 November 2019

Identity Sketches for the Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire updated their identity this week As the news hit and reactions poured in, I kept some distance I used to weigh in on this stuf
/ 21 August 2015

Identity Sketches for U.S. Soccer

The general thrust of the new idea was “something dynamic breaking out of an inner circle” I wasn’t sure what, yet I made a lot of sketches that
/ 31 January 2014

Identity Sketches for the Columbus Crew

Currently, you’d hear something like this:“…Well, so - they’re yellow, I think And Columbus - that’s like, football country, right Ohio Stat
/ 28 May 2013

Identity Sketches for NYC FC: Jerseys & Apparel

Last time, we took a look at an approach New York City FC could take to visual branding Going through the exercise with NYC FC brought us here:Hey fol
/ 24 May 2013

Identity Sketches for NYC FC: Colors, Logos & Branding

As I mentioned a couple days ago, my intention here is to throw a few visual ideas out there for New York City’s just announced MLS expansion club,
/ 23 May 2013

Identity Sketches for NYC FC

Until this past Tuesday, it was NY2 NY2 was a fable; a mythical soccer club whose only identity was the visible will of a determined commissioner a
/ 13 January 2013

Identity Sketches for the Texas Rangers

The Soccer Out of Context project has led me to some very interesting places  It will continue - with the NL West up next - but I want to take a mome