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/ 8 July 2014

A Boston Dream for the New England Revolution

I’m still waiting to become a New England Revolution die-hard. They won’t get me until they move into the city; the team is on record as wanting such a … read more
/ 23 February 2012

The Revs in the Age of Mutual Love

Seattle residents wake up to find Sounders scarves adorning statues and overpasses and telephone poles across their city. Portland’s Merritt Paulson, owner, … read more
/ 13 April 2011

Summing up the Rev Reboot Project

Well, that was fun.  I stated my case, presented a re-christened club, a new crest and logo pair (part I), a few new uniform looks (part II), an assortment of … read more
/ 11 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part III: Positioning

This is the third and final in a series of Rev Reboot posts; we’ve already covered identity and uniforms on our way here. (I also intro the project here and … read more
/ 8 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part II: Uniforms

Alright. We have an intro and some visual identity established for the Rev Reboot project - now it’s time to get to something meaty: uniforms.But first, some … read more
/ 7 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part I: Identity

When last we spoke, I was making my case to be the guy to reboot the New England Revolution brand. It was tongue in cheek, kind of, except I really believe … read more
/ 5 April 2011

Why I should get to reboot the New England Revlolution

How far back do I go with this one? Do I go back to being an upstate New York kid, in love with everything Boston? To being eight, and the sensory overload of … read more