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/ 14 July 2012

USA Kits: Third Kits and Special Occasions

Ah, yes. I just finished detailing some color and kit ideas for US Soccer. Red and white hoops whenever we can; deep navy when we need a change, and pale gold … read more
/ 11 July 2012

USA Kits: Colors & Combinations

I left off discussing the concepts that have defined the US soccer kit to now: a preponderance of white (by default), an evolving crest and shield, the impact … read more
/ 9 July 2012

What Makes a USA Kit?

I got to thinking about the state of US Soccer over the weekend. In short, good things seem to be happening. More people than ever are taking an interest in … read more
/ 23 June 2012

Beyond the Frontiers of American Soccer

There was a moment around the 40th minute where I wouldn’t have been anywhere other than Chester, Pennsylvania. The sun was setting comfortably past the … read more
/ 1 March 2012

A Couple Things I Wish Apple Did Better

I love Apple products and the Apple mindset in general. I devour Apple-centric content and I live in the Apple ecosystem. I can sum up my love for Apple with … read more
/ 1 February 2012

Fat Sunday: Fixes for the Pro Bowl

Pile on the Pro Bowl?  No, I couldn’t possibly.  John Madden is sick of it; Aaron Rodgers is embarrassed he played in it.  Fans booed it and nobody … read more
/ 26 January 2012

Being a Commodity

Last year Don Norman, a design-critique hero of mine, changed the lens through which I viewed Google.  Speaking at dConstruct in Brighton, he laid it out like … read more
/ 4 January 2012

Fixing Major League Soccer’s Font Problem

When even the Revolution are teasing swatches and releasing well-received jersey designs, it’s obvious that MLS kits are seeing good days.  Sales are … read more
/ 23 February 2011

Inbound – a short film about the Red Line

I take the Red Line every day.  Today, I’m giving back.  Here’s a short film I made about going home from work, Harvard Square to South … read more