/ 21 January 2013

Soccer Out of Context: the NL West


Made the West Coast. Women, wine, baseball weather… might have to hang here for a bit. Send money and/or Cactus League schedule.

Best, — M.

With this week’s Soccer Out of Context piece, a nice arc to the project should begin to emerge. We started with the Red Sox and friends, indulging my favorite team (and as any good Bostonian will suffer from, a healthy amount of my east coast bias). We then switched leagues, moving on to the heartland and some of baseball’s oldest clubs in the N.L. Central, then kept carpetbagging out to the Pacific (via Texas) on our way to the American League’s wild collection of western teams. Now, we start the journey back. Today, the National League West gets a soccer makeover. Then it’ll be on to the A.L. Central and finally, the N.L. East, where – with the possibility of a special codicil or two – we’ll put a bow on this whole “Major League Teams get Soccer Jerseys” thing and consider what comes next.

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