/ 8 July 2014

A Boston Dream for the New England Revolution

I’m still waiting to become a New England Revolution die-hard. They won’t get me until they move into the city; the team is on record as wanting such a move, but in almost two decades, nothing beyond some shuffling of papers has happened.

That hasn’t stopped me (and many others) from dreaming about what a beautiful urban soccer stadium could do for our city. Boston would instantly – mark my words, from day one – become one of the most passionate fan bases in North America. The Revolution would be a cultural happening in the city, and matches would be events. Boston is a soccer town waiting to be unleashed.

Author’s note: I’ve written about the Revolution before, taking some time to consider their branding and visual identity, and their place in the landscape of American soccer. This article can be considered a companion to those previous pieces. I’ve never before broached the topic of where they should play, because I’m no expert on the myriad issues facing the idea of a new stadium for the Revs. But I love to dream, and I love to connect ideas; what follows is a rumination much more than a recommendation. Is what I lay out here probable? No. Is it valuable to consider? Maybe; I know I enjoyed thinking about it while writing. And man, would I love it if it came true. 

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