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/ 18 November 2020

Identity Sketches for Houston Dynamo FC

MLS identity updates are back. This week, it's Houston Dynamo. Quick hit on the updated Houston Dynamo (FC!) change. Yes, it's an improvement. Yes, I'm … read more
/ 29 November 2019

Identity Sketches for the Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire updated their identity this week. As the news hit and reactions poured in, I kept some distance. I used to weigh in on this stuff all … read more
/ 21 August 2015

Identity Sketches for U.S. Soccer

The general thrust of the new idea was “something dynamic breaking out of an inner circle.” I wasn’t sure what, yet. I made a lot of sketches that looked … read more
/ 31 January 2014

Identity Sketches for the Columbus Crew

Currently, you’d hear something like this:“…Well, so - they’re yellow, I think. And Columbus - that’s like, football country, right? Ohio State 24/7, … read more
/ 28 May 2013

Identity Sketches for NYC FC: Jerseys & Apparel

Last time, we took a look at an approach New York City FC could take to visual branding. Going through the exercise with NYC FC brought us here:Hey folks. I'm … read more
/ 24 May 2013

Identity Sketches for NYC FC: Colors, Logos & Branding

As I mentioned a couple days ago, my intention here is to throw a few visual ideas out there for New York City’s just announced MLS expansion club, NYC FC. … read more
/ 23 May 2013

Identity Sketches for NYC FC

Until this past Tuesday, it was NY2. NY2 was a fable; a mythical soccer club whose only identity was the visible will of a determined commissioner and the … read more
/ 13 January 2013

Identity Sketches for the Texas Rangers

The Soccer Out of Context project has led me to some very interesting places.  It will continue - with the NL West up next - but I want to take a moment to … read more
/ 15 March 2017

If Clean Sheet Co. designed caps for the World Baseball Classic

I like to find the places where established systems and traditions smash into one another. For instance: what happens if you mix the visual cultures of soccer … read more