/ 21 August 2015

Identity Sketches for U.S. Soccer

The general thrust of the new idea was “something dynamic breaking out of an inner circle.” I wasn’t sure what, yet. I made a lot of sketches that looked like this:




Every few months, a thought pops into my head. “I should revisit the U.S. stuff.”

It’s not that I don’t love the ideas that I laid out three years ago in the USA Kit series. It’s not that some of the design work wasn’t headed down the right track. And it’s not that U.S. Soccer’s visual identity has been misguided in the meantime.

It’s just that everything – you, I, American soccer culture – has changed significantly in the past three years. And those changes mean that I have more to say.

Hey folks. I’m in the process of cleaning up, re-mastering and re-launching some of my most-read articles… including this one.

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