/ 31 January 2014

Identity Sketches for the Columbus Crew

Currently, you’d hear something like this:

“…Well, so – they’re yellow, I think. And Columbus – that’s like, football country, right? Ohio State 24/7, that kind of deal? Do they get into soccer over there? Oh – wait – right, it’s the team with that beefcake logo with the angry dudes on it. What’s up with that thing? Are those guys a ‘crew’? Ha ha… They still have a team, right?”

What you’d want to hear, of course, is something like this:

“I don’t even really watch a ton of soccer but that Crew game blew me away. The fans are just insane – it comes right through the TV. Yellow and black everywhere – it was wild. I was just flipping around and I couldn’t change the channel. I gotta get that jersey.”

If you ask an average American sports fan “What do you know about the Columbus Crew?”, I imagine you’d get all kind of answers. I’m not claiming to speak for anyone specific with the above composites, but I’d wager that the average response would skew a little closer to the first one than the second.

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