/ 6 June 2014

Identity Sketches for Louisville City FC

Author’s note, December 2019: In 2014, Lousiville City was a minor league soccer club looking for a new logo. (That seems to still be the case.) I originally published this piece at that time – 2014 – with a few original logo ideas. I recall that the logo they went with back then was not received perfectly. (Again, history repeats itself.) I’m bumping this not because I feel like it’s the perfect solution, but LouCity is (among us cool people) back in the soccer/design news cycle again. We’ve all come a long way in five years, but I thought it might be an interesting re-read for some. Enjoy! –M.

Soccer continues to gain ground on the American sporting landscape in a manner almost unimaginable even a few years ago. Pro teams are being founded in cities where fans are banding together–before they even have a team to root for–and demonstrating the strength of their potential market. The success stories have gotten almost too frequent to count; the most recent is Louisville City FC, who announced that they’ll soon begin play in a lower-tier US league. This decision was based in no small part on the work of the passionate Louisville Coopers supporters’ group, who rallied soccer fans under colors, a logo and a frame of mind, and who are sure to support the new club well.

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