32 Nations, Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

Well, that was an interesting draw. I’ll save my opinions of what just happened to the US - suffice to say, us rooting for the States are either going to get some much-welcome retribution (Germany and Ghana have ended our last three World Cups), or get spanked pretty bad. And, we get to see CR7, glistening in the Amazonian heat of Manaus. At least there will be stories, right?

But I’m not here to talk about Group G. Let’s get right on in to the shirts for the first group of the 2014 World Cup: Group A.

Shall we?



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32 Nations


By now, you know if your guys are in. You’re waiting to see who they’ll play, where they’ll play, when they’ll play. You’re reading the tea leaves to see who’ll make the squad and how they’ll jell into a team. Are they peaking? Struggling? Injured? Healthy? Who’s in form? Who’s on the roster bubble? Will they be drawn into a hopeless Group of Death? Or might they stumble into something E-A-S-Y? Will they be playing against the hosts, or the defending champs, or old rivals? Will they be up for it? What time is kick-off?

It’s still months away, but let’s face it: the 2014 World Cup is here.

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USA vs. Mexico, 2013: A Limited Edition Poster


September 10th, 2013. Columbus, Ohio.

The game only comes around once every four years, if that. The rivalry is centuries old, but also, in a strange way, very new. The match is, undoubtedly, the biggest in North America this year. Tuesday, September 10th, in Columbus, the US hosts Mexico with World Cup qualification hanging in the balance.  Both teams are coming off losses; both are anxious to win. The atmosphere will be electric. 

Just in time for USA vs. Mexico 2013, I’ve designed a special, retro-inspired game-day poster. I’m making exactly 39, and you can have one if you like.  Each poster will be hand-numbered and signed.  You can read all about it, and get yours, right here.

The Color T, Series 1

Fanatics are wired up differently. We feel a rush of adrenaline at the slightest sensation - the sound of a bustling crowd, that particular ballpark smell, and certainly bright, vivid color. Flags, tifo, uniforms, the sprawling green field itself - they’re all potent triggers for fans like us. 

Clean Sheet makes simple apparel that sets off those triggers. Today, we introduce a new Clean Sheet shirt that’s completely dedicated to the power of color. Meet the Color T.


The Color T is Clean Sheet’s “house label” shirt - it’s got our shield over the heart and our name across the front.  We’re starting with a few primal color combinations, with more to come in time.  Hopefully you’ll spot one (or two) you like.  

This initial series of The Color T is available in the following combinations:

• CRANBERRY + Navy + Gold
• BABY BLUE + Blue + White
• NAVY + Green + Blue 

Each Color T features the Clean Sheet crest and our sponsor-style mark on super-soft, 100% ring-spun cotton. We love these looks, and hope you will too. We’re doing a limited run of each color combination; they’re $23.50 each and ship in August. You can order yours here.

Friday Music

“Diamonds” by The Boxer Rebellion. My good buddy Mash - whose musical taste I enjoy better than even my own - pointed out this track a while back, and I’m just getting to it now. He described Diamonds as “if The National sang early 80s Springsteen.” You’ll find yourself in that sad, lonely, sprawling synth landscape that washes over you on tracks from that era, like “Boys of Summer” or even “The Way It Is” - but mixed up with a very modern English sensibility. Further than I ever was, indeed.

Soccer Out of Context: The Cleveland Spiders

imageGhosts & Grandfathers Team #3: The Cleveland Spiders

Today we’ll dive into the third jersey added to our ongoing Ghosts & Grandfathers project. (In case you don’t remember, Ghosts & Grandfathers takes the Soccer Out of Context idea and applies it to sporting identities who have long-since ceased to be, whether they disappeared completely - “ghosts” - or took a few generations to evolve into something we know today - “grandfathers”. So far, the Montreal Expos and Minneapolis Millers have been voted in; our third club takes us back to the lovely and under-rated baseball town of Cleveland, Ohio.

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