Month: July 2012

/ 14 July 2012

USA Kits: Final Thoughts on American Expression

That was a fun, illustrated swing through US Soccer’s visual personality. We covered some history, looked at colors and palettes, introduced some first … read more
/ 14 July 2012

USA Kits: Third Kits and Special Occasions

Ah, yes. I just finished detailing some color and kit ideas for US Soccer. Red and white hoops whenever we can; deep navy when we need a change, and pale gold … read more
/ 11 July 2012

USA Kits: Colors & Combinations

I left off discussing the concepts that have defined the US soccer kit to now: a preponderance of white (by default), an evolving crest and shield, the impact … read more
/ 9 July 2012

What Makes a USA Kit?

I got to thinking about the state of US Soccer over the weekend. In short, good things seem to be happening. More people than ever are taking an interest in … read more