Month: January 2012

/ 26 January 2012

Being a Commodity

Last year Don Norman, a design-critique hero of mine, changed the lens through which I viewed Google  Speaking at dConstruct in Brighton, he laid it
/ 15 January 2012

Everything is Fine

If you go see David Lowery touring with his two well-known bands, Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, as I did with a few hundred others Saturday night
/ 12 January 2012

Thoughts on an Apple “Dividend”

Apple is gearing up for an announcement at the Guggenheim Museum in New York next Thursday  (I was not invited even though that’s my birthday,
/ 11 January 2012

Filene’s Basement 1908-2011 RIP
/ 10 January 2012

Who’ll be American Soccer’s John Madden?

Word comes that Kasey Keller’s retirement has led him to a new endeavor - he’s becoming the color man on the Sounders broadcast team  Th
/ 4 January 2012

Fixing Major League Soccer’s Font Problem

When even the Revolution are teasing swatches and releasing well-received jersey designs, it’s obvious that MLS kits are seeing good days  Sale