/ 23 February 2011

Inbound – a short film about the Red Line

I take the Red Line every day  Today, I’m giving back  Here’s a short film I made about going home from work, Harvard Square to South St
/ 9 February 2011

Marathon Update: ‘Faces you don’t want to see at the starting line.’

Author’s note: You need a friend like Mash sometimes, who will mock your fears and in the process force you to elevate your game a little bit 
/ 10 December 2010

The Club World Cup… In My World™.

[This is another recurring segment, called “In My World"  Every so often, usually dictated by something happening out in the world that I
/ 22 November 2010

Retorting re. “Sporting”

Sporting KC I like it Some don’t Specifically this guy, who is quoted on the otherwise rational (indispensable, even) Dunord soccer blog For so
/ 6 October 2010

Liverpool, Dirty Water

Some thoughts on the Randy Moss trade Liverpool agreeing, kind of, to sell itself to NESV and John Henry, owners of my Boston Red Sox: 1 My first thou
/ 27 September 2010

Brighton & Hove Albion FC: Top of League 1!

Brighton & Hove Albion FC: Top of League 1!
/ 22 September 2010

Up the Albion

So there’s this team, right - a team buried in the third division of English soccer  They’ve been there, more or less, for 20 years  If
/ 10 September 2010

To be in hell is to drift … to be in heaven is to steer George Bernard Shaw
/ 7 September 2010

Now Testing: 8tracks

Now Testing: 8tracksI think it’s like a Muxtape / Grooveshark type service - you can publish “mixes” of songs under unique titles, a
/ 7 September 2010

The Surprise Tie

How often has this happened to you: you get in to the office after a long weekend, and there’s a personalized, outstandingly-crafted home-made a
/ 2 August 2010

Major League Soccer: I Fix Your Identities

Absolutely no one asked, so here are my takes on current names, logos and colors  I have found that my opinions do change over time as names “