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Creating a deceptively simple website to showcase a versatile logo.

The People’s Crest is an open, editable, customizable logo system for American soccer fans who seek an alternative to corporate branding of the US national teams. I developed the concept and designed the logo. To effectively introduce the system to fans, an attractive project website was imperative.

A key aspect of the logo system is its flexibility: the People’s Crest mark is comprised of colors, shapes and text that can be modified and recombined to support many kinds of messaging.  The site needed to give visitors an explanation of the project, easy access to the files themselves, and also quickly and effectively show (not just describe) the mark’s versatility.

The People's Crest mark can be adapted to express different types of messaging.

I accomplished this and more with The site integrates with Github (where versioned project files are stored), pulling the latest release information and giving users a simple way to download the newest file package. It describes the basics in the form of a FAQ, and showcases the project’s coverage in the media.

Most importantly, the site dynamically changes as you use it. On a repeating cycle, the People’s Crest mark visually evolves to accommodate a variety of new and novel identities. The entire site follows suit, matching the color scheme and visual cues the logo presents.

This was accomplished using javascript to apply predefined style manifests to the site – including the logo’s inner structure. To do this, I wrote a set of scripts to inspect and periodically change the DOM, including within the SVG object portraying the logo itself. A small countdown widget allows users to anticipate and pause the morph effect if necessary.

I’m proud of this site. It solves a tricky problem (how to introduce a logo system) by showing and telling. I’m also very proud of the People’s Crest project itself, and I’m glad it has a website worthy of the endeavor.

To visit, click here