Logos & Branding Proposal

Warwick Farm Brewing

Branding ideas for a new craft brewery.

I’m working with a new brewery, Warwick Farm, to provide visual possibilities for their growing brand. One suggestion: to base an identity on the vintage farm pickup truck they have on premises.

With the pickup as an inspiration, I created a simplified truck logo with a ton of personality and versatility.

This is perfect for a brand that needs both visual excitement and the ability to support a range of varieties.

Warwick Farms has an ambitious brewing program…

…creating everything from trademark brews to seasonals to experiments. I created the basis for a packaging system that would encompass that range.

The brewery, based in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, will be opening to the public in 2018. While the brand determines its final direction from a variety of existing and new possibilities, I’m excited to contribute.

(And maybe sample a beer or two in the process.)