Art & Illustration

Vector Portraits

I made a simple portrait of our beloved family dog. And then...

A few years ago, I was experimenting with portraiture techniques–trying different digital/physical hybrid approaches to creating unique portrait art.  Over time, I developed a particular style that created a rich portrait from thick, imprecise streaks. My first subject was our beloved family dog, Huxy.

"Hux" • 2012 • print on heavy stock


The portrait turned out so well, isolated against a plain white background, that we hung it in the most prominent spot in our living room. (I realized later that this might have been a bit of subconscious marketing on my part.) Friends and family, on seeing the portrait, requested the same treatment for their own pets. I was thrilled to oblige.

"Jay" • 2013 • print on heavy stock


I’m still making a few of these portraits every year for gifts and special requests. There’s something unique about the characterization–and the way it captures the spirit of the subject–that I’ve been very fortunate to find.

"Gus" • 2015 • print on heavy stock


I look forward to making these vector portraits for a long time.