Art & Illustration

Large Pieces

Individual large-format canvases and prints.

When creating art, I often bounce between physical and digital spaces. Sometimes pieces end up as more “natively” digital; they are expressed on canvas or paper for representation, but they really live in a digital format. Other times, the final format of a piece is most appropriately physical.

The pieces here, from different periods of my artistic career, share a single important aspect: they are physical, large-format pieces.

Above: Train Arrives at Park Street • 2013 • 96″ x 48″ • oil and mixed media on red fabric canvas • pine frame

This large mural depicts a tumultuous few seconds at Boston’s Park Street Station, on the Red Line platform, as a subway train arrives. The piece was constructed using a series of techniques; oil paint, ink and pencil on vellum was attached in decoupage to a repurposed red canvas fabric, which was then further detailed with oil paint. The piece is finished with a pine frame.

As in much of my work, there is an aspect of “resolution” to this piece; by changing one’s perspective (especially by moving farther away), elements that seem abstract resolve into representational details.

Train Arrives at Park Street was created during my time at Boston Center for the Arts’ studio building in 2013. The studio space is located above the Mills Gallery in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

You Don't Remember Me, Do You • 2014 • mixed media on heavy stock


This piece was created by stitching together dozens of motion-capture photographs. Each individual photograph was edited and re-touched, and the initial piece was assembled digitally. Final physical details were added on a single large-format gicleé print.

Resolution / Eye • 2009 • oil on canvas


An early exploration of resolution and its limits (or advantages). Each pixel is hand-painted.