Art & Illustration Series


Competing realities share a single canvas.

Physics asks us to conceptualize superposition – the idea that many plausible future states exist at once. Moment by lived moment, these future scenarios compete to become our reality. When any one scenario becomes overwhelmingly probable, it pushes past the others and resolves into what we experience as real. We perceive the results, moment by moment, of this process – but can we ever observe this exercise as it happens? We are told by physics, and our own nature, that we cannot. This ungraspable rush is what we call consciousness, and our inability to observe it is what we perceive as time.
Above: Hang • 2018 • 70 in. x 34 in. • mixed media on canvas

Corner • 2018 • 80 in. x 27 in. • mixed media on canvas


The Convergence series is an attempt to step outside time, to capture change in state while it resolves, and to observe superposition. To grapple with the liminal, transitional places where the mechanics of reality transform several possibilities into one conscious experience (or composition). These changes could be those of nature, state, sense, timeline, identity. Convergence is accompanied by emotion: violence, acquiescence, reflection.

Feral • 2018 • 80 in. x 37 in. • mixed media on canvas


This series includes elements of architectural street photography, collage and digital assemblage. Original pieces are finished and presented on canvas in single editions. A special edition (10 half-size prints of each piece, giclée on heavy stock) have been hand-numbered.