/ 9 February 2011

Marathon Update: ‘Faces you don’t want to see at the starting line.’

Author’s note: You need a friend like Mash sometimes, who will mock your fears and in the process force you to elevate your game a little bit.  I kicked off coverage of my Boston Marathon pursuit – and detailed my fear of losing to mascots – here.  I’m running his comment as a guest-post because it deserves it.  I need to look my own fear in the round, googly eyes.  Thanks, Mash.

Faces At the Starting Line

500,000 spectators. 25,000 runners. 26.2 miles. Five felt faces you don’t want to see as you lace your sneakers.

“Bucky” [Wisconsin] – November 2010 – Performs 573 pushups during a win over Indiana.

“Ducky” [Oregon] – Septemeber 2010 – Performs 506 pushups during a win over New

“Jefferson the Dog” [Toronto] – September 2010 – Breaks the Guinness World Record for fastest marathon time in a mascot suit, 4:15:03.

“Cosmo” [BYU] – September 2006 – Walks 50 rows to court side on his hands.


“The Nittany Lion” [Penn St.] – September 2010- Arrested for underage drinking as well as ripping the rearview mirror from a parked car.

Best of luck,

I will admit – the Penn State lion scares me a lot, because it looks lithe and nimble.  Of course if you dig a little bit you can find a few pictures that bring the intimidation level down just a little bit. – M.W.