Month: April 2011

/ 13 April 2011

Summing up the Rev Reboot Project

Well, that was fun.  I stated my case, presented a re-christened club, a new crest and logo pair (part I), a few new uniform looks (part II), an assortment of … read more
/ 11 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part III: Positioning

This is the third and final in a series of Rev Reboot posts; we’ve already covered identity and uniforms on our way here. (I also intro the project here and … read more
/ 8 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part II: Uniforms

Alright. We have an intro and some visual identity established for the Rev Reboot project - now it’s time to get to something meaty: uniforms.But first, some … read more
/ 7 April 2011

Rev Reboot, Part I: Identity

When last we spoke, I was making my case to be the guy to reboot the New England Revolution brand. It was tongue in cheek, kind of, except I really believe … read more
/ 5 April 2011

Why I should get to reboot the New England Revlolution

How far back do I go with this one? Do I go back to being an upstate New York kid, in love with everything Boston? To being eight, and the sensory overload of … read more