Soccer Out of Context Update: The Orioles

So the “what if baseball teams had soccer identities for the day" thing was pretty fun.  I got a mention in the estimable UniWatch ticker, and that led to a bunch of views and feedback.  (You know it’s hot stove season when you’re discussing fantasy uniform minutiae on Twitter.)  The conversations were universally great and complimentary.  

The best responses regarded the Orioles jersey that I’d worked out.  I have to admit, it felt the least complete of the five AL East teams in the exercise; there wasn’t enough of the existing brand there.  

image click to enlarge

A few observations I heard: that the jersey was a bit dark for a home kit; that the Oriole bird should be more prominent; that the O’s wore a jersey sleeve patch that looked like a soccer crest, and (my favorite) that the O’s would probably (in this hypothetical exercise) be sourcing jerseys from Maryland-based Under Armour. 

Author’s note: This is part of a recurring series on the soccer design aesthetic applied in other contexts. When you’re done here, feel free to read on.
The A.L. East
The N.L. Central
The A.L. West
The N.L. West
The A.L. Central
The N.L. East

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All great points.  So I went back to the virtual drawing board, and here’s where I ended up. 

The Baltimore Orioles (redux)

image click to enlarge

First, the jersey is lighter, and the hoops are gone.  The oriole-wing texture is still there, and works nicely on the lighter backdrop.  Dark side-panels under the arms keep some deep color tones alive and balance things out a bit.  The jersey has the Under Armour logo instead of adidas (good call, @podraza & co.).  Under Armour is known for some interesting jersey design work (though they also due ‘subdued' well), but I figured that the Orioles brand wasn't quite ready to be Maryland football.  

Never the less, one Maryland element takes center stage in the new design: the crest is now the Birds’ existing jersey sleeve patch, which incorporates the distinctive state flag design.  In addition, I’ve added the happy bird mascot as a single-color sleeve patch on this kit - so if you count the texture, both historic birds are referenced. 

So consider this my Oriole do-over - and a thank you to all who dropped by.  Now, as far as fictional, out of context soccer jerseys go, what comes next?  Stay tuned.